The Charitable Olympic Foundation (COF) for gifted children aims to empower young people from economically destitute countries to strive toward a brighter future through fitness training and healthy habits. COF is currently focused on Ukrainian children who’ve shown an interest and disposition toward boxing – many of the children have already been scouted for possible admission to box in the Olympics.

COF was created by George Kulya, a Napa small business owner and boxing coach who’s trained over 300 pupils in the Bay Area and countless champions during his career as a professional boxing coach.

Through George’s sponsorship, he’s enabled 15 Ukrainian children to reach Championships, including one Silver at World Championship, four gold champions of Ukraine, six world regional champions.

Many of the children he’s mentored previously didn’t have access to fitness equipment and about their futures. Today, through COF 300 children in Ukraine have goals, plans, and most importantly – the mental and physical fortitude to look forward to a happy better future.

We’re connecting with you to ask for your support for COF and give dozens of children a chance to strive for their dreams for the first time in their lives. We’re looking forward to opening a new boxing/sports gym with professional coaches in our community.

You can help in a number of ways today:

  •  Donate goods and services for auctions organized by COF
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  • Donate to COF – The Charitable Olympic Foundation via check or Online
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