The Martisor tradition, according to many historians,  goes back about 8000 years. “Marts” is a Romanian word that translates to March. This name originally derived from the Latin name of the Greek god Mars.  According to tradition everyone wears a symbol of the holiday attached to their shirts. The pin displays a composition of a red and white flower. 

At the heart of the festival there are some lovely legends. One legend is: on the first day of March the beautiful Spring came to the edge of the forest and looked around in the prickly bramble thickets to see the snowdrop trying to break free. She decided to help him and started picking out the thorns from the branches. Then she cleared the snow around him. Winter saw this and was furious. The Winter then waved her hands and summoned the cold wind and snow to destroy the primrose (a flower with many different colors). The weak flower wilted under the cruel wind. To save the flower the Spring grabbed a handful of thorns. From her wounded hands fell a drop of hot blood and the flower lived. Therefore Spring defeated the Winter. The colors that symbolize Martisor came from her red blood on the white snow .

The goal of ​​the festival:

The festival “Martisor ” will continue to be an annual tradition.  It will strive to bring together people of different nationalities, deepen mutual understanding, bring to the audience the most important events of musical art, and revive the social culture in California.

Objectives of the festival

All the collected proceeds will go to the development of children’s sports in Ukraine, and introduce the various ways to help the charitable organization.