Vasile Morosanu has been in Art field for more than 40 years as a dancer, choreograph and
conductor of dance and music orchestras, director and manager of the cultural and entertainment
center, musician, singer, performer, producer and owner of the musical studio “Perlele Moldovei”
(Moldovan Pearls) that won more than 60 international festival prizes (Gran Prix, Special prizes,
etc.) , nonetheless participant at the Olympic games 1980, International Youth Festival of students
1981, Games of good will 1986.
Vasile has multiple Honorific titles, which are: The highest title in arts “People’s Artist”, Title of
Excellence for contribution in art and culture of Moldova, Honorific Diploma of best Manager of
the Country, Ambassador of Culture, The highest title of the Metropolitan, Diploma of Honor of
International Moldovan Diaspora of Moldova, UNESCO medal, and many others.