Festival organizer, George Kulya, founder of the Olympic Foundation organization that supports youth sports in Ukraine.

Former boxing champion of USSR, fought  178 fights. Deeply respects his coach’s (Litvak Boris Davidovich, https://steemit.com/health/@jurgan/house-with-the-angel-in-odessa-provides-free-help-for-disabled-children-with-cerebral-palsy-from-all-around-the-world

And Belinskiy Aleksandr, who coaches students in Olympic Foundation boxing gym for youth. George values their guidance and support. Gives back to the community by supporting youth sports. Had a boxing school in San Francisco for 10 years that raised Champions of Californian boxing. Opened brand new boxing school in his hometown, that is raising gold medalists and champions on the regular basis. George is planning to open a spacious boxing gym for youth and adults in Napa Valley area.

George, graduated from College of music, please guitar, keyboard and sings traditional and pop songs.